Affordable Karachi Beef Samosa in Devon Street, Chicago

A south Asian pastry with a savory filling, samosa has been a delight for decades. Served during supper time, a samosa brings life to gatherings and parties. Among the various versions of samosa available in Karachi, Pakistan, the most common one is the beef samosa. A delightful piece of savory for every mood, anywhere, anytime. The other types include chicken samosa and aloo (Potato) samosa, each mixed with spices, onions, and vegetables, collectively imparting a delightful taste.


While living abroad, we do miss the taste of our homeland, thanks to the brave families who took the initiative to bring the taste of Pakistani street food to the streets of Chicago. One such restaurant at Devon Street, Chicago, brings quality and the taste of Pakistani street food along with all of its delights. They bring the finest collection of Beef, Chicken, and Aloo (Potato) Samosas at the best possible prices.


Spinzer Restaurant in Chicago has been serving many such families in the USA and the locals residing in that part of the world. When it melts in the mouth, the delightful taste brings about a true essence of tender beef mixed with various spices, an unforgettable delight served with chutney and ketchup.


What makes it unique?

Healthful and Delicious

The ingredients used to make the world-famous Pakistani Samosa have various health benefits. Starting from blood flow to various nutrition requirements by our bodies. Rich in protein, these Samosas enrich with various carbohydrates and fats necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Besides, the taste itself makes it savory.


Rich and Diverse

The artistic touch added to this savory further intensifies its taste. The way it is made in Pakistan makes it unique; the shape, size, and ingredients make them entirely different from what others offer. Spinzer restaurant makes sure each and everything is calculated as per Pakistani culture and traditions.


Flavorful Spices

The spices utilized in making signature samosas come from Pakistan; Pakistani spices are known to be flavorful and rich in taste. Thus, to adapt and bring the authentic Pakistani flavor, Spinzer restaurant utilizes only Pakistani spices.


It is said that Pakistani street food is one of the finest in the world in terms of taste, quantity, and flavor. Most importantly, this street food is highly cost-effective and is often considered cheap. A go-to food for many Pakistanis. as mentioned earlier, Pakistanis living abroad need to catch street food from Pakistan. Thus, it can also be said that it is a public service that Spinzer restaurant does and that we as Pakistanis should be proud of it.

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