Khausa – A Dish that Traveled from Yangon to Karachi

Did you ever think that Pakistanis and Burmese would have anything in common regarding cuisine or culture? We are sure you didn’t.

But, people in both nations love Khao Suey!

The delicacy originated in Myanmar and has since made its way across Pakistan under several names, including “Khausa/Khausay,”  as South Asians like to call it, and “Khow Suey,” as Burmese call it.

Khausa has components that aren’t often seen in traditional Pakistani dishes, such as coconut milk and egg noodles.

The Journey From Burma To Pakistan

The Memons are one of Pakistan’s most lively ethnic and cultural communities among the hundreds that call Karachi home.

The organization, which was formerly recognized as a collection of businesspeople from Gujarat, India, has dispersed around the world over time. However, a sizable portion of the Memon diaspora has moved to Karachi, which has a clear cultural effect on the city.

Khausa is thought to have been modified by the Memon community at the same time as South Asians were leaving Burma (Myanmar) in the 1960s. Khausa has been a staple cuisine of the Memon community ever since. They have adapted the meal to suit their tastes by fusing components from the original Southeast Asian version with those from South Asia.

Jethpur Memons transported Khausa from Burma to Pakistan. They acquired this dish while conducting business in Burma and brought it here after the division. The meal, known as khausa or khausay, is often prepared for dinner but may also be eaten for lunch.

Memons have taken delight in cooking and serving their version of Khausa for decades, whether it is at the Jumu’ah prayer feast, the weekend lunch table with extended family, or a dinner party.

How is Memoni Khausa Made?

Memons have created their own rendition of the delicious Myanmar food. The dish describes the patterns of movement between the two populations. Spaghetti serves as the foundation of the Memon version of Khausa, which is topped with a curry consisting of gram flour, coconut milk, and cubes of curried chicken. Fried spaghetti, samosa dough, and spicy papri are mixed together to create a layer of crunch. For added flavor, the dish is topped with green chile, ginger slices, and chaat masala, a spice blend made of cumin, rock salt, pepper, and dried mango powder.

Ingredients & Method of Preparing Khausa

Served with cooked noodles, a variety of toppings, curried meat, and a coconut-flavored broth, hao Suey is a complete meal.

Its preparation calls for a significant amount of effort, perseverance, and technical knowledge of the masala and timing for boiling pasta. Garlic has to constantly be cooked until it’s crisp. Fresh coriander leaves, lal mirch, and chips are all required. If the chaat masala is absent or tastes bad, the dish’s flavor will be partially ruined. Meat must be prepared and consumed in tiny pieces.

  • To make the sauce, finely chop the scallions, coriander, and green chilies and combine them with the chopped cooked eggs.


  • Garlic should be coarsely chopped and cooked in oil for the chutney. Add turmeric and boiling hot water, then cook the mixture until the oil surfaces and the garlic becomes mushy and soft.


  • Red chilies are added to heated oil in a skillet to make the chilli oil. Cook for one or two minutes, then put it aside. Utilizing a food processor, cool and blitz.

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