Best Halal Pakistani Falooda at Devon Street, Chicago

Being one of the most major streets in the city, Devon street plays a major role in connecting various cultures and traditions from all over the world with USA. The metropolitan area which connects with the lake Michigan is home for many locally owned Pakistani and Indian restaurants. It’s a street filled with food, culture and colors of the two nations, providing a home like feeling for their local people living in Chicago. As for the local US citizens, the Devon streets brings in a new Asian taste in USA providing with a variety of spices and aromatic cuisines, a taste like no other.


Among various cuisines, desserts are the among the favorites, both Pakistani and Indian deserts have their own way with people. But there are certain deserts which has a special place in everyone’s heart, like Falooda. A mix of milk, cream, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds, and ice cream, this desert has a special place among Pakistanis, and for the Pakistanis residing in USA Falooda is something very dearly; as very few of them know the art of making this special Mughlai cuisine. Adapting the culture, many restaurants at Devon street provides Falooda, but only few of them can make it as per the Pakistani culture.


Among the various Pakistani restaurants at Devon street, the best of the best includes;

  1. Ajwah Sweets
  2. Spinzer Restaurant
  3. Tahoora Sweets & Bakery
  4. Karachi Chat House
  5. King Sweets

With mix reviews for each, Spinzer Restaurant takes the trophy for Falooda. These restaurants have a vast menu, and with various Pakistani cuisines they often lack, either the taste, aroma, or the culture itself. Having a local desert in a foreign country is a blessing itself, but many restaurants make it blessing in disguise. Labelling something, made as local doesn’t make it local unless it has the same taste and aroma, however, ingredients also play a major role in developing the taste and aroma of Falooda, in one of the reviews stated for King Sweets, highlighted how they served Kheer with rose syrup and labelled it as a Falooda; surely not everyone knows the true art of making it.

Since these restaurants are on the foreign soil, one can find many versions of Falooda, as for business what sells is what works. But that doesn’t help with locals residing in Chicago, especially when they heartly know about famous Pakistani cuisines and their taste. Spinzer Restaurant, owned by a Pakistani family living abroad, truly knows the art of making Falooda, although special Falooda is something really different and unique in Pakistan, but the restaurant makes it special for every Pakistani living in Chicago. In one of the reviews, it was labelled as heavenly. Not only it was rich in cream but the taste made them have multiple in one sitting.

And that’s what happens, when you serve the customer with all your heart. They not only provide good reviews but often comes back to have it again and again. The restaurant business all over the world works around taste and aroma, especially when bringing the local taste in a foreign country, it becomes a responsibility to provide the finest of what the local taste offers. Ever been to Spinzer Restaurant? Well if you haven’t you surely are missing the finest Pakistani cuisines, especially the Falooda.

Hop on, and come along with your family, and taste the true passion and Pakistani culture!

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